The most influential transgender people

Transgender identities and issues are becoming more apparent in society. From shows like "orange is the new black" to transgender celebrities advocating LGBT rights. more people are understanding that the body you're born into isn't necessarily the gender you identify with. Here are some of the most powerful and influential transgender people in the world.

Previously Martin Rothblatt, Martin underwent a gender transformation in the early 1990s, and is now the highest paid female CEO in the United States. Founding car navigation system "Geostar" and satellite radio system "Sirius", entrepreneurship has always been in her blood. She made the transformation to a woman after fathering four children, and is now the CEO of a biotechnology company "united therapeutics corporation". She also runs a charity that sheds light on transgender issues.
As the world's first transgender billionaire, Jennifer Pritzker has proved that success and power is available to anyone. Just now it should be born James, Pritzker is a retired army lieutenant colonel and founder of "pritzker military library" as well as the "Taiwan foundation". The former is a museum and research library, the latter is an organization promoting awareness of the importance of the citizen soldier.
The first openly transgender white house official, Raffi Freedman-Gurspan has opened the doors for transgender people in the workplace. She is an icon of equality in the workplace and has established that discrimnation due to gender identity should not be tolerated. Earlier this year she was appointed the white house's primary LGBT liaison where she will be the lead contact foe LGBT groups on all issues.
Son of sonny and cher, Chaz ono was born Chastity, undergoing gender reassignment surgery in 2008. In 2013, he revealed an 85-pound weight loss, which credited to his transformation and feeling confident and healthy in his real body. He is and advocate for the LGBTQ community and starred in his own documentary "becoming Chaz", which follows his transition from female to male.
You may recognize Hari Nef as the rebellious git tel on the TV show "transparent". Earlier this year she became the first openly transgender model to be signed with "IMG models" and walked the New York fashion week runways this spring. It seems the fashion world is in awe of this androgynous stunner, and for good reason. She's starred in campaigns for brands such as other stories and selfriends. And this is only the beginning.
Making history as the first transsexual woman to compete in Spain's miss world beauty pageant, Angela Ponce failed to make it to the final ten, but vowed to "keep fighting to make us seen, to make us heard", talking to the transgender community. She underwent sex reassignment surgery in 2014, and said that from age 11 she started to fight for transsexuality and gender rights.
Having writers on the scripts of transgender TV shows and movies is just as important as having transgender actors playing transgender characters. For season 2 of "transparent", our lady J became the show's first trans writer, bringing her years of experience to the script. She urges Hollywood executives to hire trans people both front and behind the camera, which is changing the world for better. She's also a renowned classical pianist.