Things Need to be Done If You are Coming Out as a Trans

The first thing you need to is think up with a male or female name. As a transgender woman, the first thing I want to do is change my name. You won't want to know my old name, which was the exactly opposite of me if you know me. I must change my name, and so do you. If you have a unisex name, maybe it will save you the trouble, but if your name can't stand who you really are and who you want to portray yourself to be, you should definitely change that. Just imagine people call you "Anna" when your face is covered with hair and body covered with muscle and manly shirts and loose pants. If you do want to change your name, spend some time picking it. It might be similar to your original name, but only more suitable for you. If there is no other version of your name, you might need to come up with a new one.

You may need to call your doctor. When you decided to transition, you need to lots of things to get permitted. First, get a psychologist to see if you are really sure about yourself being a transgender and if you are ready to change your gender mentally. If you do, you can be transferred to a gender identity clinic. In that most significant period of time, you may need the support from your family and friends. I did. I was terrified to explain my situation and I don't even know how to start. If I can go back, I think I will have a lot more to say about myself. Actually, the knowledge of doctors about trans and trans dating is very limited, because the cases are very little. It has not caused the attention. Therefore, it is not too hard to get approval. They know they should respect you and respect the way you want to live your life. Do not get overanxious about this. It won't be difficult.

When I was informed that I need some paper to prove that I was a female, I was shocked and irritated. I said that I am a female and I have always been a female. Now that I think of that reaction, it actually did good to me. They pushed me to that direction of proving myself being a female in every possible way. I changed my ID card and every paper work I need to do. I informed my school, transgender dating and work places. That may not mean you need to tell the world, but only those practical paper works that can literally prove your gender. I think that matters. Do not be afraid because there are laws against discrimination.

The last thing is to press that start button of your whole new life. I put my life to a pause to get my right gender. All those years, I have done nothing but change my gender. I am very glad that it is finally all over. Now I start a new life with my boyfriend and my supportive family. I hope the same will happen to you one day.