What should you do when you feel insecurities in transgender dating?

I think the sense of insecurities happens on everyone. And it is not a special case. As a transgender woman, there are many insecurities I can feel around my life. I am going to talk about what you should do when you have a ts dating with a transgender woman who is struggling with her physical insecurities. A pure transgender is different the traditional ciswoman who is more emphasis on feminine characteristics. The adolescence of transgender women is different from that of heterosexual women. The differences show on these aspects. Firstly, in terms of the physical changes, my bosom didn’t grow up, and I didn't have menstruation when I was 14 years old. As you know I don't have the physiological characteristics of women, so I am eager to shape my body as a real woman for the transgender dating. It doesn’t form within one night and free for me. Although we can live with the life we want to, you will have the emotion of dispirited when you stand in front of the mirror and see the person who don’t have the appearance that you want. At this time, you would think that words of big breasts and wide hips are aimed at you. We are eager to the smaller waist, suppler skin, gentler facial feature and etc.

When I was 17 years old, I have beard. And my body become stronger because arising of androgen level. I really hated my fat arms and legs. I thought I have the gene of fat or I just eat r too much sugar. The most of my insecurity is from my weight. I should control my weight to make it look more like a woman for tranny date.

The first tip that I can provide for you is to praise your transgender date.
Although it is a very simple way, it is hard to do that. You should treat it sincerely and it is a good way to distraction. She maybe can know your lie from another planet, so you must remind her that she has so many great qualities and so that you like her. If you want to praise her characteristics, praising her sexy appearance is necessary and it do take effect. Because everyone would like to hear compliments, of course the true compliments. If she feels that what you're saying is purely flattering, not genuine, she may be disappointed. But if you do as I told you before, she will regard you as the most trustworthy person in her life.

The second tip that I can provide for you is to talk about what her insecurities are.
As we know that the securities are not innate, it comes through the day by day practice. So ask her why she feel so depressed about what she doesn’t have. Get to know her at the beginning of you meet, so that you can find a good way to solve her problem. I know she is an adult, and she needs a partner not only in a relationship, but in each section of life as well. The role you should play is a perfect who can alleviate the pain in her life. It brings me a great comfort when I know I can share everything with someone especially when I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

I know these tips are useful, try it!