Why do people cross dress?

What is cross dressing? It means men dress like women and women dress like men. It's common to see women dress like men in the office, street and almost everywhere. Why those women like men's style? Probably, dressing like men make them feel comfortable. Many people may wonder whether they act as men, of course no. They dress like men but still act as women, so they cannot belong to cross-dressers in terms of Technic. Some men like to dress like women and still act as men, they are not cross-dressers in terms of Technic. Cross-dressers are people who dress and act as opposite gender and want to be treated as the opposite gender.
Why they want to dress and act like this? I don't know the correct answer. It's something like someone asks you why a person is a gay? You don't know the answer too. Cross dressing is not a physical or mental problem. With the pressure from their friends and families, many cross-dressers choose to consult gender professionals. But the result is those people want to dress and act as opposite gender, but professionals still don't know why they want to do this. Cross-dressers are really care about their physical and even mental health problem. Crossdresser who wants to trans to the other gender will ensure weather it is safe to do that before transitioning. People who trans to the other gender are called trans people. People who dress like the other gender and do as the same gender are called transvestites.
I've met a kind of people, they think they were assigned as a wrong gender. So they make themselves look like the one they want by dressing and acting as an opposite gender. These people don't have the courage to trans to the opposite gender, so they try their best to look like a man or women.
The reason of some people cross dress is a sexual one and that's another big reason that many people do it. They have a fetish, a particular sexual interest in a particular kind of fabric which is taffeta. Sometimes people do it for the reason though so far example it could be for performance, it could be because they are drag artist or even pantomime essentially is cross dressing. It could be for fashion because women have cross dressed as men essentially looking at things like Yves Saint Laureny's. 'Le Smoking' evening wear for women is really cross dressing because it's essentially a man's evening suit so when women cross dress in that sense in a fashion sense we often think it's very stylish, it's not seen as being in any way strange or deviant.
Some people cross dress to show their unique personality, some people do this only for fun, and some people only want to experience something new. Some cross-dresser I know just cross-dressing to look like a imaginary person and satisfy their own needs. It's something like fulfilling an impossible dream.
Those reasons are difficult to understand, but as cross-dressing is accept by more and more people, cross-dressers are willing to share their feelings and thoughts with us, so, this phenomena can be explained in an easy way in the future.