Four bad habits that can ruin your transgender relationship

You always hide your true thoughts.

You never say what you want or need because you don't feel comfortable talking about yourself. So when you generate an emotion, you think the best way to deal with it internally is not to burden someone else. It may seem like a better option now, but as time goes on, your negative emotions build up, and then your emotions explode. If you are dishonest to those around you, chances are that those around you will be dishonest to you, too. Don't hide your true feelings too much in trans dating. Speaking your true thoughts and feelings out loud will make others feel more authentic.

You care a lot about what other people think.

Another bad habit in transgender relationship is that you care about what other people think of you. You want to make sure that anyone can like you, respect you, and think you're a person worth depending on. But does it work? If a person always caters to others, the relationship he tries to maintain will not last. Relationships work both ways, and you don't need to be afraid to speak up about your needs. A man who is emotionally prepared doesn't care what others think of him because he knows who he is and is proud of himself. A transgender woman who is emotionally ready won't let a man's opinion of her change her because she knows who she is. The right person will appreciate who you are.

You do a lot to get paid for it.

You always put others first and do everything for them. To be honest, everyone does something for a reason. Don't compliment or give gifts in return. Deep down, you get hurt or annoyed when that person doesn't respond to you. You really want this person to like you, to go out with you, or to do what you do for you. It's not healthy. Be honest. Don't do something deliberately in return. Do what you want to do.

Change yourself easily.

To become what your ts dating partner likes, you start to enjoy the same activities, the same movies, the same music, and even the same style of dress. The problem is, you're not really who you are, and that can get you in trouble. As you continue to do these things, you will find yourself procrastinating and your friends will tell you that you have changed, but you are not happy. You can't start a relationship with a fake image. Your relationship will break down because your partner will eventually see who you really are. Stick to your true self and the right person will like you.

The main reason for forming bad habits is lack of self-awareness. Too much attention is paid to the external environment and too little to the internal work. People take it for granted and laugh at feelings and the idea of needing to "look at yourself," but it's a key component of a lasting and healthy relationship. If you don't know what you want, your partner won't know.