How to look attractive if you are a trans guy?

Trans dating is welcomed by many cisgender men, and you may don't know that it id also welcomed by trans men. Trans dating is the best way for trans guys to find their life partners. For all transgender people, trans dating is like a community where they can be themselves. Trans dating apps are very popular now, for it's private and inclusive. Ts dating app is only for trans people and their admirers who want to date trans people. The same as all men, trans men also want to meet their partners to live together. But in fact, most of trans men don't know how to make themselves more attractive when date a girl. They don't know how to behave like real men. If you are a trans guy, and always want to become attractive and look like a real man, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Avoid wear anything look awkward
It means don't wear clothes that make you uncomfirtale and look awkward. Many trans men like to go after the fashion style, and wear some clothes that look strange and ill-fitting. You should no that not all fashion styles are suitable for you. Overdressig is a common mistake of all trans women and men. I want to mention that it will never make you look like real men or women. If you want to look like real women or men , please dress in a normal way firstly.
Choose simple pants
A simple pair of pants will make you look attractive and more like a real man. Avoid wearing leggings with bright color, most of straight men don't like this kinds of pants. Pleated pants are also the bad choice if you are a trans guy. When you date a girl, just dress simply and neatly. As a girl, I don't like to date men who with fancy dress and accessories. I think what they wear stands for what they think. So, your appearance is the key to attract a girl.
Shoes that make you look tall
Most of trans guys are shorter than real men, so they want to look strong and tall when date a girl. We all know that men who look strong and tall are attractive to girls. As a trans guy, you should look tall and strong when date a girl. You can choose shoes that make you look taller than before, heightening shoes and insole are great choice for you. You can also try a combination of elevator shoes that offer both lifts inside and a slightly higher heel height for a more natural look that also makes you look taller.
As a trans guy, you need to keep all these fashion tips in mind, they can help you a lot if you want to look like real men and attract more girls. On the other hand, confidence is also very important. Always be confident when date a girl. If you can do as what I said, I.m sure you can find your perfect dating partner.